Discord: Users will all have to change their nickname on the social network

Discord user and you still don’t know what to answer. Because no one really remembers those four digits that are added to the end of your ID and allow you to choose any nickname without having to worry about its availability.

But all that will soon be over. The social network has indeed declared to change its policy concerning the creation of pseudonyms. As on Twitter or Instagram , users will now have to have an identifier starting with “@” and followed by a nickname in lowercase letters, which can contain numbers between 0 and 9 as well as two special characters: the point and the underscore. . It is this identifier that will allow them to be added as a friend on the platform in order to be more easily found.

Half of friend requests fail

Previously, users could choose an identical nickname which differed by the case used as well as by the four digits preceded by a hashtag, the discriminator, which therefore made it possible to have both a user with the nickname “PhiBi#9863″ and ” PhiBi#8936″. “You meet someone IRL you want to talk to on Discord, and they say ‘I’m Phibi eight nine three six!’. You come home and add ‘phibi#8936′ only to find you’ve added the wrong one’ Phibi’ because your new friend’s username is actually ‘PhIBI#8936’,” explained Discord co-founder Stanislav Vishnevskiy.


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