Social networks: Understand everything about the new mandatory parental agreement voted by the Senate

Concern about the frantic use of social networks by young people continues to grow. While the Chief Medical Officer of the United States launched an appeal on Tuesday, believing that these platforms can have “extremely harmful effects” on the mental health of young people, the subject ended up in the Senate in France. The upper house has passed a mandatory parental agreement for children under 15.

A decision that comes as the first registration to a social network would occur on average around 8 and a half years and that more than a quarter of 7-10 year olds regularly visit social networks, according to the National Commission for Computing and Freedoms ( CNIL ). But what is it? How to set it up? 20 Minutes has looked into the subject for you.

What does the bill contain?

This bill is carried by the boss of the deputies Horizons Laurent Marcangeli . It establishes the obligation for social networks “to put in place a technical solution for verifying the age of end users and the consent of holders of parental authority” for those under 15 years old. This “solution” will have to be certified by the authorities.

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